BMI BUSTER The "Pre Snatched Edition"

This plan is for the doll who has made the ultimate investment in HERSELF!

You are preparing for a surgical procedure and you need to lose weight! This ketogenic plan will assist you in safely, and naturally lowering your BMI. 

Getting down in the pounds is a difficult task, especially when you have your money and your dream body on the line. Surgery is already risky for anyone, however having a higher than healthy BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) or being overweight can not only be dangerous, but your surgeon can refuse to operate. 

This Plan is formulated to get you back on track and it is EXCLUSIVELY for dolls that have a procedure coming up. It is slightly more aggressive than our regular Ketogenic coaching plan in order to get you where you need to be so you can complete your Beautiful Transformation to your body goals!

This plan will include:

*4 Coaching Calls

* 6 Weekly Meal Plans (6 week program) 

*Grocery Lists

*All Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplement 60 day supply

*Recipes for all meals

*Fat bomb recipe

*Text Support and access 

*Restaurant Options

*Surgical Tips and Tricks for Iron building, Blood work and so much more!

**Local participants can do a Meal prep add on (Atlanta)